Spanish Internet Abbreviations

Abreviaciones de Internet.png

Just some of the most common Spanish Internet abbreviations.

q / k: “que” – what, that 

n: “en” – in, on, at

d: “de” – of, from

x: “por” – to, for

t: “te” Indirect object pronoun, example: ¿te gusta? -> t gusta? (do you like it?)

c: “se” and for words that end in “se” or “ce” example: dice -> dic (he/she says)

ntp: “no te preocupes” – don’t worry

xq / xk: “por qué / porque” – why / because

npi: “ni puta idea” – no fucking idea

xfa: “por fa” = “por favor” – please

tq: “te quiero” – I love you

tqm: “te quiero mucho” – I love you so much

dnd: “de nada” – you’re welcome

tmbn / tmb: “también” – too, also

maso: “más o menos” – more or less, so so

fin / finde: “fin de semana” – weekend

bn: “bien” – good, fine, ok

cm: “cómo” – how

ps: “pues” – well (Sometimes: psss = pueees = weeell)

stas: “estás” – you are (estar)

ers: “eres” – you are (ser)


seee – yeahhh (It’s like a lazy “sí”)



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