Expresión: ¡Por fin! – Finally!

por fin.png

We use “por fin” when we’ve been trying to do something, or stop doing something and finally, we get it.

Some sentences:

  • Por fin terminé mi proyecto.
    I finally finished my project.
  • Por fin le hablé a Diana.
    I finally talked to Diana.
  • Mi tío por fin dejó el cigarro.
    My uncle finally left tobacco.
  • Por fin salió el capítulo de mi serie.
    The chapter of my series finally came up.
  • Por fin te encontré.
    I finally found you.
  • Por fin es viernes.
    It’s finally Friday.

We can also use “al fin” which is a synonym of “por fin”.

  • Al fin solos. = Por fin solos.
    We’re finally alone.
  • Al fin libre. = Por fin libre.
    I’m finally free.
  • Al fin en casa. = Por fin en casa.
    I’m finally home.
  • Al fin tengo vacaciones. = Por fin tengo vacaciones.
    I finally have vacations.

We can also add “hasta que” which means until. We use it to make more emphasis on the situation, when something after so much effort and time, it’s finally done. It is also a bit exaggerated.

  • Hasta que por fin me escuchas.
    Until finally you listen to me.
  • Hasta que por fin lo haces.
    Until finally you do it.
  • Hasta que por fin tengo una casa para mí sólo.
    Until finally I have a house only for me.
  • Hasta que por fin es viernes.
    Until finally it’s Friday. Meaning: I’ve been waiting the whole week for this glorious moment, all this week has been so painful, but thank heavens it’s over, I can rest now. 

That’s all for today!
I hope you found this useful. Leave your comments!


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