Frase del día #5 – ¡Qué calor! (It’s hot!)

¡Qué calor!.png

Qué = what
calor = heat
Literal meaning: What a heat!

This is an expression that can be used when the weather is very hot.

✦ Remember “calor” is one of those words that we use with “tener“.

  • Tengo calor. (I’m hot)
  • Ella tiene mucho calor. (She is very hot)

✦ We also use “calor” with “hacer“.

  • Hace calor. (It’s hot)
  • Hace mucho calor. (It’s really hot)

We use “calor” with “tener” when someone is hot. We use “calor” with “hacer” when the weather is hot.

✦ Attention to “caliente“, so:
– calor is the noun.
– caliente is the adjective.

We use “caliente” to describe the temperature of the things, not the climate nor people.

  • La sopa está caliente. (The soup is hot).
  • ¿Quiere su café caliente o frío? (Do you want your coffee hot or cold?)
  • Cuidado, está caliente. (Careful, it’s hot)

❉ Careful:
– Estoy caliente. (I’m horny)

✦ Attention to “picante“. In Spanish, “caliente” has never the meaning of “spicy” as in English.

  • La sopa está caliente. (The soup is hot).
  • La sopa está picante. (The soup is spicy).

✦ Also, we have the adjective: caluroso. This also means “hot” and we only use it when we talk about the weather. So we can either say:

  • En verano hace mucho calor. (In summer the weather is very hot)
  • El verano es muy caluroso. (The summer is very hot)
  • Hoy hace mucho calor. (Today is very hot)
  • Hoy es un día muy caluroso. (Today is a very hot day)

✦ More.
How do we say if someone is hot physically (attractive)?
We can use estar + bueno/a or ser + sexy.

  • Ella está muy buena. (She is so hot)
  • Él es muy sexy. (He is so sexy)

❉ Be careful here with bueno/a.
Ser + bueno/a = be good, a good person
Estar + bueno/a = be hot, sexy, attractive


Hot weather
hacer + calor
• ser + caluroso

Someone is hot
• tener + calor

Something is hot
estar + caliente

› caliente is not spicy.
› caliente with people means horny.

This post was longer than I expected, hehe. I hope you find it useful (:


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