Seguir + gerundio (-ando, -iendo)


Attention to the pronunciation of “seguir”
Remember “gue” and “gui” sound as “ge” and “gi” in English.
You can check the pronunciation here:

“Seguir” means “to follow” but when we use it with gerunds (-ing) it means “to keep”.

✦ Let’s make a review on gerundios.

In Spanish most gerundios end in -ando or -iendo. We just need to replace -ar, -er or -ir.

  • hablar → hablar → hablando (to speak → speaking)
  • comer → comer → comiendo (to eat → eating)
  • vivir → vivir → viviendo (to live → living)

We have some irregular verbs as:

  • leer → leyendo (to read → reading)
  • decir → diciendo (to say → saying)
  • dormir → durmiendo (to sleep → sleeping)

And many others.

✦ Now let’s make some sentences with seguir + gerundio.
We use this pattern to talk about things that we keep doing or still doing.

  • Sigue estudiando.
    Keep studying.
  • ¿Sigues aprendiendo español?
    Are you still learning Spanish?
  • Tengo que seguir practicando todos los días.
    I have to keep practicing everyday.
  • Voy a seguir bailando hasta el amanecer.
    I’m going to keep dancing until dawn.
  • Ella seguirá enseñando.
    She will keep teaching.
  • Nosotros seguiremos soñando por un mundo mejor.
    We will keep dreaming for a better world. 
  • Sigamos platicando.
    Let’s keep chatting.


When something just keeps going and going we can also say.

  • Mi amiga siguió hablando y hablando.
    My friend kept talking and talking.
  • Yo sigo pintando y pintando.
    I keep painting and painting.
  • El mundo sigue girando y girando.
    The world keeps spinning and spinning.

Attention to:

Keep going. To say keep going in Spanish we say:

Seguir adelante or seguir hacia adelante (To keep going/moving forward).

  • ¡Sigue adelante!
    Keep going!
  • No te rindas, sigue hacia adelante.
    Don’t give up, keep going.

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